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We’re Live!

Hey everyone and welcome to  We’re here to help you — the Indie/DIY band or musician — promote your music more effectively online.  I created this site after slaving away promoting my own albums online and realizing there weren’t any great resources out there that told you — step-by-step — how to build and execute an online promotion.  Sure, everyone tells you to get on Facebook, or on a free music site, or write to music blogs and promote your songs!  but no one spells out how to do it.

This site will tell you how.  It spells out the steps you need to take _before_ you start promoting.  We tell you the sites to be on.  We guide you through creating an action plan.  We tell you how to contact a music blog and what to say.  How to build your Facebook fan page correctly and how to advertise it and get a massive amount of fans.  You’ll even learn how to create a band toolbar you can give away to all your fans (and get paid for doing so).

I’ll have frequent updates here, and one of the first topics I’m going to cover is SEO (search engine optimization).  That’s important for anyone who has or is building their own website — and it’s also critical for bands who don’t have their own site.

If there are topics you’d like to see more of, or areas where you’d like a little more explanation, please let me know.  We’re looking forward to sharing our collective knowledge with everyone out there, and look forward to hearing your ideas too.

This is a great time to be making music, let’s have some fun!


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