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The New Measure of Success

There’s a great article in the Wall Street Journal written by Damian Kulush from OK Go you should read that talks about what “success” is in today’s record biz.  He makes the point (which was also echoed in a recent NYT magazine interview with Mick Jagger) that the traditional idea of success — getting signed to a major label — is really just a new convention in musical history that’s been around for only a few decades.   Those days are nearly over, and despite what the record industry would have you believe, they’re not coming back.  The Internet has turned the conventional music model on its head and today’s artists are finding novel ways to make a living.

The bar is lower than ever for bands and musicians to make a mark, and technology has enabled all of us to market our music on our own terms.  The new measure isn’t record sales, it’s fan engagement.  We’re selling more than just recordings, we’re selling an experience and a personality.  Read the article and think about your own band promotion efforts.  Are you chasing success in the old paradigm, or are you forging a new path?

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  1. Joe@Music Business Plan Says:

    Hi there!

    You’re right about the importance of fan engagement: having a sizable and responsive fan base definitely helps you when marketing your band through the web, given the fact that, in the end, it all comes to a numbers game.
    Just do not forget that having a music business plan completed and constantly revisited for updates is as crucial to your success as fan engagement!


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