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Onesheet now in beta


This looks cool — Onesheet. It’s a landing page (or portal) for your band that pulls in all your activity around the web into one….er, sheet.  It’s like for bands if you’re familiar with that service. Send your fans to your Onesheet page and they’ll have instant access to your uber web presence whether it’s Facebook, your Twitter feed, concert information from Reverbnation, etc., songs  from the Reverbnation player and others, photos, etc., etc.

After an easy setup, Onesheet updates  information automatically so there’s no maintenance required. So how does this fit in to a band’s online marketing strategy? If you’ve already got a website, most of the Onesheet information will be duplicated, but in today’s online world that’s not a bad thing.  As a band, you want as many links as possible popping up in the Search Engines — your Facebook page, Twitter feed, YouTube page, website and now, your Onesheet.

They’re in beta now but you can reserve your name. It’s free, register here.




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