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137 Guestbook Entries to “ Promote Your Band ”

  1. THE UNLIGHT Says:

    We are some new and coming rock music from the cold north!
    Check us out and if you like us we will do our best to like you back :)

  2. Fük Says:

    FÜK füks you up! Just pure sonik fury! Brooklyn punky speedballer, H.M. Lord Lucifer, conjured a six track demo called “Violent Sects” this February, 2014. ROCK N ROLL!!! HEAVY METAL!!! FÜK YOU UP!!!!!!




    KONTAKT: malekotsai87961 [å] gmall [da] kom

  3. Oagrem Says:

    Brutal new hardcore/ deathcore metal from the U.S. !

    New two track single, and music video dropped this month from two piece heavy metal group Oagrem like an American scud missile on an unsuspecting innocent civilian… Cut Into Tiny Bits/ Black Smoke and Ash from Oagrem is face melting hardcore music you can bleed out the jugular, suffering to.

    Check out the Youtube video for Cut Into Tiny Bits:

    Get the two track single on iTunes:

    or Bandcamp:

    Stay metal.

  4. 0ny Says:

    0ny here. Come check me out if you’re ever in Baltimore

  5. Like The Record Productions Says:

    Combine the sound of the original recording with the fun of live party bands!

    Like the Record is one of the premier party bands in Columbus, Akron and Cleveland. Wedding bands don’t get any more authentic than sounding just like the record… it’s the most authentic wedding music available.

  6. We Are the Waste Says:

    This is Electronic Post-Hardcore Band from Asia (Myanmar) called “We Are the Waste “.We Are the Waste founded by Guitarist Sai Ye Htet Kaung at 2008 with old members from We Are the Waste (Pyaung Gyi,Kaung Lay,Thaw Zin and Zin ko)….
    Pyaung Gyi ,Thaw zin and Kaung Lay quit the band for their education in 2010…… So,the band left with two artist.In early of 2011 , We Recruited new members (Sinn lay and Min thein) ….Our Ep was out in 2012.After Passing the Year, We Are the Waste Band was Performed in “WE ARE THE LEGEND ” Metal and Hardcore Festival ….. Now they recruit new Members Win Naing Htun (Tomahawk) for Drum and now looking for record label deals and Tours check out our music on…..
    You can follow us on Twitter

  7. Mississippi Dirt Says:

    Were a southern hard rock band from Fayetteville AR. Help us get out there!!

  8. Sacred Imprint Says:

    I am sacred imprint I do a new genere called Christian Metallic rock. Check out

  9. Speak Too Shallow Says:

    SPEAK TOO SHALLOW: Electric Soul music. Based out of The Bay Area, CA. A solo project that blends Smokey Jazz influenced sounds and instruments with an Electronic feel.

    For Fans Of:
    Minus The Bear / The Neighborhood / The Antlers

  10. Dead Bats Society Says:

    We are a Horror Punk band from Tacoma Washington. We take the punk rock riffs and beats and add melodic vocals. We sing about anything scary ranging from Monsters, Phobias, and Grotesque Deaths. We are Four piece band.

    We have a free 3 song demo out now on

    We will be jumping back into the booth to record a full length in late december, early January. Followed by a Western Tour in the summer.

  11. Construct the Sky Says:

    We are Construct the Sky. A band based out of Edmonton, Alberta forming after the hiatus/break up of Questions for the Sniper. The three of us made this project because we simply couldn’t live without writing & playing music. We recorded our EP over the summer & are planning to release it Fall 2013.
    Expect a lot of announcements coming your way this fall!

    you can listen to us here!

  12. Galaxy 7 Says:

    Galaxy 7 is an award winning electro-rock band from Tokyo, Japan.




  13. Beyond Visions Says:

    Hey guys!

    We are a small metal band from sweden who are just releasing our first debut album,

    Check out our first promo here, Youtube Video

    Soon our musicvideo is coming up so keep on checking sliptricktv youtube channel.

    And give us a comment on our facebook

    Peace yall!

  14. With Gunshots We Conquer Says:

    Hardcore Band from Alberta, Canada. Heavy melodic riffs, rough vocals with amazing range. Let out your frustration, or make a point to someone. This is the band to help you out.

  15. Sweet Children Says:

    Sweet Children, English Punk rock band heavy influenced by The Clash, The Ramones and some new age punk like Offspring, NOFX and Green day

    We are a Green Day influenced band no Tribute (Just in case people are wondering)

    We have a Facebook and YouTube Channel we would appreciate some feed back and if you like our page

    Thank you!!

  16. The M.A.S.T.E.R Brothers Says:

    Origin : Jakarta, ID

    Genres : Rockabilly, Garage Rock

    Year : 2008 – Present

    Website :

    Members : Louisex’s (Lead vocal & Guitar)
    Resky (Backing Vocal & Lead Guitar)
    W. Angga (Backing Vocal & Bass player)
    Han (Backing Vocal & Drum / Percusiions)

    Label : Indie

    Manager : Sid (+6285691219875) / (+6281298965667)

    Bio : Our band influenced by legend of rock ‘n roll band, like the tielman brothers from
    indonesia, elvis presley, the beattles, the rolling stones…include the now generation
    like..the brandals, the S.I.G.I.T., they are from indonesia like us!!!

  17. Oxímora Says:

    Hey there, we´re a Mexican ]Progressive rock that sound like an elegant journey in the world of music, full of experimental awakenings, contrasting effort, evolving joys and opposite vibes.

    We have a gorgeous talented female lead, four creative and profesional musicians and the will to go as far as we can.

  18. USEDROBOT Says:

    Hailing from the mean streets of North West Detroit, USEDROBOT has evolved from their punk rock roots to their own brand of music heavy with raw emotion and intelligent lyrics, self-described as Murder Rock.
    Now operating from Las Vegas, NV they continue to challenge their listeners with their unique approach to dealing with the beauty and horrors of everyday life. Often observational and always provocative their music dares the listener to question their own beliefs and realities. Truly unique, mixing soaring melodic guitar with a force driven rhythm section, USEDROBOT will leave you feeling that you are on a ride that you did not purchase a ticket for. Tired of the same bands singing the same songs? Then plug into USEDROBOT. What’ve you got to lose?
    USEDROBOT are: ROBOT1: rhythm, lead and bass guitars, vocals; and ROBOT2: drums, lyrics.

  19. NOYES Says:

    Hey there! we are NOYES from the south bay of Los Angeles, CA. We play fast, and hard. Occasionally, we play slow and soft. Sometimes we even play at a snails pace. we’ve even been known to not play at all. we enjoy what we do, and are looking forward to playing for you.

  20. Embrace This Day Says:

    We are a five piece metalcore band that really enjoys playing music and likes to focus on the positive things in life! We will be dropping our new E.P. in July along with all kinds of new merch and July 23rd we will be playing Van Warped Tour in Bonner Springs, KS. We really enjoy talking to everyone and having new friends, check us out give us a chat :) Have a wonderful day

  21. Hipster Slayer Says:

    We are an up-and-coming electropop/indierock band from Finland. We are currently working on our first EP.

    With our 80’s synth, hip beats and playful lyrics we sound somewhat similar to bands like MGMT, M83, Phoenix, Empire of the Sun with an experimental touch to it.

    A few months ago we made two live-from-studio videos. One of them gained 2000 views in 24h, check it out!

    And hipsters, you better watch out!

  22. Royal Blood Says:

    Royal Blood are a Teesside based metal band, influenced by Parkway Drive, While She Sleeps,, Killswitch Engage, and many more! playing with the likes of Bury Tomorrow, Hacktivist, and Mallory Knox this summer, hoping to expand our fanbase! give us a listen and spread the word! Dead Men Tell No Tales.

  23. Aeonlight Says:

    Aeonlight is a progressive, melodic death metal band from Muskegon, Michigan. Listen to a song, it’s more fun than reading!

  24. Kairos Says:

    Kairos is a heavy metal band from Gothenburg, Sweden that focuses on delivering fast and heavy guitar rhythms, in-your-face guitar solos, catchy drums and high pitched vocals that will completely melt your face off. Check us out on Facebook or on Youtube.

    Stay Metal!

  25. Till the Fall Says:


    5 piece from Crewe, Cheshire, UK!

    Hard rock created, current single had a hint of an Egyptian tone!

    We like to mix it up and would apprectae if you guys and gals would check us out!!

    (we’re all 18-21) so don’t be too harsh :P

  26. Mind's Garden Says:

  27. Cut to the Chase Says:

    We’re Cut to the Chase, a melodic hardcore band from South Wales, UK. We try to write music that means something and doesn’t just sound cool. Check us out on facebook and give us a like! :’)

    Cut to the Chase est. 2011, Melodic Hardcore, South Wales, UK

  28. Light the Rocket Says:

    Light the Rocket it a 4 piece Pop/Rock/Electronic band based out of San Jose, CA with more hooks then a tackle box,

    We write the type of music that will keep your brain humming long after you’ve stopped whistling

  29. TwoFifteen Says:

    TwoFifteen is a Milwaukee based hardrock/alternative band with a high energy live show and catchy yet edgy guitar driven songs. Josh C rocks the mic, Eric Peters kills the drums and the vocals, Johnny Ruckus tears up the 6 string while Dave Harris rumbles the earth on the bass. Check out our brand new album “The Dark Passenger!”

  30. Sensible Roots Says:

    Sensible Roots is an original reggae rock band from Baltimore, MD. They are sex for your ears!

  31. The Heathen Collective Says:

    The Heathen Collective are a Groove Metal band from Wellington, New Zealand. Check out our tunes on Reverbnation and download them for free if you enjoy them!

  32. Sciota Micks Says:

    Graduate of the Atlanta Institute of Music and the Recording Workshop. Played in various original Heavy Metal to Hard Rock Bands since 1990, and has undertaken a new form of Rock, Metal, Jazz fundamentals laden with an electronic underlining that resulted in a sound which is unique and inspirational.

  33. Beautiful Night Says:


    Beautiful Night is a Danish synthpop band, that was founded some years ago by singer-songwriter Albert Brown.

    Their music is melodic, melancholic, dreamy, emotional and timeless. And the lyrics are highly personal.

    Since the band’s crew has been very variable over the years, it’s the frontman Albert Brown who assumes the role as the band’s public face.

    Beautiful Night have released four tracks: “Death”, “No Real Love In You”, “Stay By Me” and “I Found You”.

    Visit the band at

  34. Forgive yesterday Says:

    We are a new breed of band. After hearing we have created a new genre called “aggressive rock” from a music review, we have lived up and owned this new genre. Becoming something between Avenged Sevenfold and Elvis Presley. Check us out at and find out yourself.

  35. Sivaunt Says:

    Sivaunt is savant a mix of Rock,country and soul.

  36. 3PM Says:

    A punk rock band from Baltimore, MD, 3PM is an energetic young group you’ll instantly fall in love with. The members are diverse in age (15, 17,and 21), but their friendship despite that gives them their own unique and undeniable spark. Drawing inspiration from fellow punk rockers such as Blink 182, New Found Glory and Yellowcard, 3PM’s music is catchy, upbeat, and fun. Their songs reflect their attitudes and outlook on life, mostly referring to their absolute refusal to grow up and ability to make everything fun.

  37. Lojah Says:

    Lojah is Creolized Roots music from Florida, deeply influenced by Caribbean rhythms and Celtic melodies, from rock to pub-folk and Delta blues. From a mixed Native American and Irish heritage, Lojah’s music is immersed in social realism, and arcane insight woven together with tongue-in-cheek witticism and a festive vibe. He encourages a life in balance with the natural world while celebrating the finer points of creation.

  38. D-Real Says:

    Im D-Real an Up And Coming Artist out of the DMV Area Hailing from Washington, DC Who has a very Unique Flow that stands out with his versatility and metaphors. Ive been making music and writing since 9 and recording since 13

  39. Salvage Says:


    We’re a 5 piece Rock/Metal band from the UK. We have an EP out with 6 tracks and is only £4. We also have a FREE track on our Facebook page.

    We’re gigging now, and will be recording our next EP/Album later this year.

  40. Labirynth Says:

    Metal band from East Tennessee. Despite the challenges of living in a small town and being surrounded by farmers and country folks, we’ve managed to make a name for ourselves here. Now, we’re hoping to make a lasting impression on a larger scale. We’re currently recording our 5-song EP, we’re constantly writing new material, and we take every show we can. Check us out on Facebook, and give us a like. If you really enjoy our music, share our page with others!

  41. Ascent To Power Says:

  42. The Heathen Collective Says:

    The Heathen Collective are a Groove Metal band from Wellington, New Zealand. You can download their e.p “Perc(ep)tive” for free at this link: Check it out! If you like it then like their Facebook page!

  43. Verona Says:

    Up and coming Pop-Punk band out of kentucky.

    Lots of music on the page, Go check us out.

    Follow us on twitter @VeronaKy1

  44. Suck At Love Says:


    Hey guys!

    We are a new pop-punk Band from Vienna-Austria!


    Here is our first song from our upcoming Album:

    If you like what you hear: follow us on facebook:
    for news, new releases & upcoming videos.

    Love, Stacy,
    Suck At Love ♥

  45. Euphymis Says:

    We are Euphymis, a hard rock band from West Australia. We are influenced by 90’s hard rock as well as X Japan. This is our second incarnation of Euphmis so listen to our songs at a very high volume as a lot of time has gone into the production.
    Hope you enjoy
    On twitter – euphymis2013

  46. The Rookie Militia Says:


    We are The Rookie Militia. A four piece outfit hailing from the village of Carey, Ohio. Our desire to create new music as led us to a knew genre of music. Catch Rock. Our goal is to be heard by millions and to get the genre of Catch Rock to, well, catch on. Check us out and support us! We will support you back! We are always willing to do any show anywhere!


  47. Untold Says:


    Way back in 2008, Untold sadly closed the cases, zipped up the skins and set their way home for what seemed like the last time.

    All the members went more or less on their separate paths, creating bands such as The Intent, Endalo and CloseToZero. Along with going solo, recording & writing.

    Before the band parted ways, Untold had on going constant gig bookings, ranging from the East Coast to Colchester and Haverhill.

    At such a early age, the members had reliability of friends and Family to help with transport & costs, this wasn’t easy so there was a boundary.

    The band back in 2004/05 entered the East Coasts Battle Of The Bands heats at the former Brewery Tap (Oulton Broad, the roots which Untold was formed).

    The first Year of the heats, after becoming very popular, was a brilliant experience, even coming second from last.

    It taught the band how to establish a better sound, performance and feel to whole competition, so the band entered the following Year and after heat by heat, sweat and “heart on the sleeve” performance, the band came second from last once again.

    But, with fan capacitive chants of the four membered band and Untold rose to the stage to claim the well deserved prizes. Still to this day, Untold remained rightful winners.

    The defeat didn’t leave the band doubtful, like any other bands, booking gigs and rocking out with a drink on stage and showing the crowd their moneys worth.

    The members remained respectful to the musical talent which they grew upon with constant practices every week. Covers from Metallica, Nickelback, Muse, Thornley, helped the band to write their own progressive and ear hooking material.

    The EP:

    Matthew Golders drums tech and tutor Dan Gayy has his own music shop located in Great Yarmouth, from time to time we sampled his work & after it grew upon the bands minds that it was time to record their first EP.

    The band spend a good couple of Months cooped up in what seemed like chicken cages, until the tracks sounded to their taste. Not knowing what was to become of it!

    Not long after the EP was recorded, Untold played the Underground music Town Festival in Yarmouth, the CD’s were published & the band had countless fans requesting the bands CD. And the fan base grew larger and stronger.

    After playing more and more shows, and pin pointing the 4 main EP tracks, there was once which stood out from the rest. And before long the majority of Lowestoft couldn’t seem to break away from the track ‘Imprisonment’.

    The opening of the track was enough to set the crowd up for the power and energy of which was known as a “masterpiece” from 4 16 Year olds.

    Ian (Lead Singer) would get the crowd chanting and screaming the words “IMPRISONMENT!” while Matthew (Drummer) would settle the rest of the band into a slow but creeping bassline to a break down beat.

    Untold were submitted onto the unsigned #1 artists and bands website


    Untold have rocketed up the charts this week managing to acheieve #1 on BOTH the Overall Charts and the Rock Charts with their fan-favourite song ‘Imprisonment’ featured on their debut E.P.


    Untold managed to secure #6 in the Rock charts this week whilst hanging onto #20 in the Overall Charts with Imprisonment this week. Keep playing our songs everyone!

    To this day, Imprisonment has been played among all of the members in and out of the band. Look out for it at an Untold show!

  48. Louder Space Says:

    Louder Space is a high energy rock band with reggae vibes and funk feels. Think Red Hot Chili Peppers meets Sublime and Incubus.

    Check out our EP at

    New singles coming out soon!

  49. Poor Man's Fame Says:

    Female Fronted Hard Rock / Alternative Metal Band from Rock Hill S.C. Charlotte N.C area

  50. Significance of Hate Says:


    We are a power groove metal band from Cheshire in the UK. We are a 4 piece but missing a bass player currently so any help would be great. We hope to hit up a studio in the new year but until then our music is on our tv page on YouTube. Just search for significance of hate in the search bar and were there.

    Come check us out.

  51. In Mi Vida Says:

    IN MI VIDA Rising from the mystical suburbs of Nashville, In Mi Vida is the collection of four wizards heard only from passing whispers of legend. They have unveiled the secrets of the ancient psychic space elephants on the keeper of an esoteric magic known as The Internet, specifically Youtube, seen here: Sweet of Source – In Mi Vida You can follow this gathering of wizards here on Facebook as well:  In Mi Vida’s Fan Page SEARCH OUT THE DIVINED PIZZA! WE CHERISH YOU, ALL FOLLOWERS OF THE GATHERING!

  52. From Undefeated Hands Says:

    Hey guys, we are a band from the deserts of New Mexico in Albuquerque. Not many bands really come out of here but that makes us unique. If you’re interested like our page and check out our music videos and songs!!

  53. Echoes & Aura Says:

    Fall of 2012, Echoes & Aura began taking shape. The goal of Echoes & Aura from the beginning has been to fuse Indie, Atmospheric, Post-Rock, and Metal influences to create an appealing sound that is effortlessly received and hard to overlook.
    With the form of passionate high energetic music the band longs for, finding a vocalist that can convey an intense emotional message is a first priority, but the temporary lack isn’t holding them back. Echoes & Aura has begun writing and recording demos for their “Now I Elevate EP”.
    Immediately following the upcoming EP, all of the members of Echoes & Aura will bring a live show to the stage that matches the music and the words they have written.

    Listen to our instrumental song “I” by clicking this link!

    Like our Facebook page for updates by clicking this link!

    Thanks for your time!

  54. BlutKraft Says:

    Harsh- and Darkelektro from germany! Listen to our Song “Antivirus” and get infected!

  55. Gafudhu Says:

    Gafudhu_bandHere we are, GAFUDHU !! We have good song dude, please listen up.
    The song is bidadari.
    Join our fanpage:
    You can download the song here:
    Youtube URL:
    Thanks for all of music lovers in the world.

  56. Farewell from the Gallows Says:

    Farewell from the Gallows is a Christian progressive metal/pop band from Indianapolis, IN. Music flows from the wounds of these five individuals into you as a catalyst to sew your broken heart shut. Although you might feel alone in the long stretch of what we call life, just know that someone out there is feeling what you feel inside. Fear, helplessness, joy, bliss; these are the emotions that tie us all together. “If I’m not alone, then you’re not alone.”

  57. Variants Says:

    Coming from the suburbs of New Orleans, Louisiana; a city known for its music, Variants was founded by various members of local acts throughout the scene. Desperate to add new flavor to an over-saturated music scene, these boys allow their hardships and struggles to bleed into their music; producing music that comes from the heart.
    We are rock/pop band who adds a punk flare to our music. Check out our music and give us a like on facebook!

    Lance Villafarra- Vocals
    Nathan Kleindorf- Guitar
    Steven Nugent- Guitar
    Eric Bourgeois- Bass
    Michael Rivera- Drums

  58. LifeMaze Says:

    LifeMaze is an Union.
    A Nation without any Leader.
    A Culture based on kindness.

    The color of its flag is freedom, its sign is human rights.
    The members are Us, you and me.

    Everyone has the permission to join, everyone has the ability to choose what is moral… Therefore, we all are the same, we all are the Leader…

    The goal is living a happy life, together. Creating sonance to keep our hopes alive. To keep in mind that…
    Whoever you are, you are the Best…
    We are Hard/Alternative Rock band

  59. Echo Hill Says:

    Echo_HillEcho Hill is a band from Long Island formed in 2011. The band has already released an EP on iTunes, shot a professional music video and played at many of the most upscale venues on Long Island. However, the band has recently parted ways with their lead singer and is currently looking for a replacement. If you or anyone you know is interested, contact the band at or message us on facebook.

  60. Burning Brains The Band - Says:

    We are Burning Brains the Band from Brazil. and we would sincerely appreciate it if you took the time to visit our MySpace, Please we are looking for a Music Producer for our cd Amazon´s onFire. Please spread across your friends our works and band name. God bless you all.
    …from Antonio ( JR THUNDER)

    PLEASE CHECK THIS ALIVE SHOW FROM BURNING BRAINS THE BAND FROM BRAZIL AND LEAVE US A COMMENT FOR OUR BAND. PLEASE. THANKS FOR YOUR ATTENTION. AMAZON´S ON FIRE VIOLENCE MY LIFE´S SUN TELL ME MY LIFE´S SUN (ACOUSTIC VERSION) FAITH BURNING BRAINS HELP US SIGN THIS PETITION AGAINST AMAZON DESTRUCTION AND PLEASE SPREAD ACROSS YOUR FRIENDS. We oppose the construction of the hidroeletrica power plant of Belo Monte in the State of Pará. This plant won’t work and will die many indians and the people that is living around the construction of the power plant. Our president doesn´t care, they want lots of money from this construction. Please spread across the world our video and our band name. WE WANT OUR AMAZON FOREST FREE OF DESTRUCTION

    We are Burning Brains The Band from Brazil, Amazon Forest. We live at North Region at Pará State. Belém capital. Please spread our band video from AMAZON´S ON FIRE. AMAZON´S ON FIRE – AMAZON´S ON FIRE We oppose the construction of the hidroeletrica power plant of Belo Monte in the State of Pará. This plant won’t work and will die many indians and the popueople that is living around the construction of the power plant. Our president doesn´t care, they want lots of money from this construction. Please spread across the world our video and our band name. WE WANT OUR AMAZON FOREST FREE OF DESTRUCTION

  61. Jnr. Voodoo Says:

    Jnr. Voodoo – We’re from the Northeast, we look and sound like this:

    You can also see more about us here if you’re on the Facepage:

  62. Atlas Says:

    Atlas_drumsAtlas_bandAtlas_band‘ATLAS’ the Thrash metal band from Kolkata, deals mainly with old school thrash metal taking your head for a ride. With passion in the hearts and dreams in the eyes, we ride the waves and aim to reign the world – Atlas of music.
    Biography:The band was formed in the year 2003 with John on Vocals and Guitars, Sukhen on Guitars, Kaushik on Bass and Jishu on Drums and since then have grown with the members,now Amit joined on Bass.
    Description:We follows our hearts and make music we strongly believe in,the compass that helps us to travel and discover the mystical world of notation and rythm is PASSION for what we do.
    The release date of our EP is on 25thmarch,2012.We just want to feature our music in ur website….:)
    We did the all recordings in our homestudio…:)

    Our Facebook page link:!/pages/Atlas/193554847344798
    Reverbnation link:

  63. The Kingdom Mafia Says:

    Kingdom_Mafia_bandThe Kingdom Mafia is comprised of Pete Morello, vocals; James Phelps and Kelly Gale, guitars; Dustin Whitmore, bass; and Jesse Arsement, drums. We’re huge fans of bands like White Chapel, Black Dahlia Murder, Acacia Strain, etc. The guitars fill the room with erotic chords and bone crushing rhythms. The songs are driving, with a great amount of energy from the drums, which gives the band a both chaotic and controlled feel. The Kingdom Mafia was formed in Beaumont, TX in 2006. We practiced at a small rehearsal building for bands (the jam rooms) and quickly moved up through the ranks of other local acts.

    After stepping back into our practice space from a long break, the music had a melodic metalcore sound. The vocals are more structured and the music perpetually attacks at each turn. Its loud, fast, and brutal…..just the way we like it. Pete Morello has lungs made of metal. He’s gone to the doctor to get x-rays, but always breaks the machine!. You can really tell a difference in our live performance with Pete on stage. He just has that look of a front man for a metal band, but also has the talent to back it up. We have played with several national acts such as, GoatWhore, Element Eighty, As Eden Burns, PumpJack, Mistress Juliya, Six Past Hell, Adakain, and My Children My Bride.

    Jesse Arsement – Drums
    James Phelps – Guitar
    Pete Morello – Vocals
    Kelly Gale – Guitar
    Dustin Whitmore – Bass

  64. From Bones To Thrones Says:

    Our band is heavily influenced by genres of rock,metal,pop,indie style,alternative each of us unique in how our music choice is
    we currently have one song recorded look us up on facebook,myspace and reverbnation.
    right now our band members consist of Austen Levi Newman the guitarists/Lead Vocals and Jacob Hnederson Lead Guitarist/Backup Vocals and me Jamason McMillan the Bassist/sometimes screamer
    We are on the rise and hope to reach your eyes for when you hear us you will know you have listened to From Bones To Thrones.

  65. INDIANA BOYS Says:

    Indiana_Boys_bandThe Indiana Boys started out life in 2004 as a rotating ensemble of musicians, centered around singer-songwriter and guitarist, Dick Gist. The band evolved through various permutations,  finally crystallizing around Dick and a talented young vocalist and songwriter named Kenan Rainwater.  With Dick’s encouragement, the two slowly assembled a body of original music that they would perform with regular help from bassist Dan Bilger and mandolin virtuoso Barry Todd.

    Kenan began pestering his long-time friend, banjo player Joe Bolinger, to open Pandora’s box and let him perform some of the original songs that Joe had written over the years and had stored in various (literal) shoe boxes in his house. This lead to Joe eventually joining the band as a songwriter, banjo player, and occasional backup vocalist.

    Finally, with this core group of Dick, Kenan, Joe, Barry, and Dan, the band felt complete.

  66. Deeper Upper Says:

    Deeper Upper is a post-punk revival band, inspired by air and mechanisms. In constant process of creativity, the band mixes classical and industrial sounds and tells the myths of a modern man through their lyrics.

    “Itʻs All Indie”, a well known indie rock blog, didnʻt spare compliments for the band – “They provide great riffs and astonishing hooks on their songs”. One of the indie music portal “The Baltic Music Scene” also appreciated Deeper Upper music and the newest single “In the sands of the desert” – “The title of the band somewhat
    illustrates their sound; itʼs Maracot-deep!”.

    Deeper Upper formed in late 2010 in Vilnius, Lithuania.


    Social networks:

  67. No Rulz Says:

    Chad – After the suicide of my best friend/lead singer in PSD, I came back to Nanaimo. Basically shutting the music world out and hanging up the strings. One day taking a piss in a chicks bathroom, looking at the picture in a magazine on the counter, ( one of those girl mags with nude men ). I saw this drummer; all he was wearing was a Crown Royal bag on his junk and a pair of drum sticks. The man…s description was wild crazy drummer and a bunch of other shit and he was from my home town. I got on the phone called some friends, said i want to meet this drummer. See if he’s the Drummer this mag said he is. I have no idea why but reading wild crazzy drummer seemed to give me a little life, felt like the grinch when his black heart starts to beat.
    We got together and played, could this guy crush the drums !! Sticks were breaking, beats were pounding! I thought he was gonna kick that drum set clear across the room !! There was no doubt in my mind Wayne Star is the Crazzy Kick ass Drummer that I wanted to create a project with.

    Searching around for a Guitar player, Finally posting an add that: Needed loud, rude, aggressive, guitar player with a sick rebellious personality. It shoulda said, Hey Cayle Ross call us !! I got this call, Hey man I’m young but I’m gonna Rock the fuck outta your ear drumms!!! Well okay then..
    This guy gets dropped off by this model that makes guys and girls drool. Cayle comes over and all I see is hair. He sets his gear up and we play a bit waiting on Wayne, Waynes never on time unless there’s beer.. The three of us play and this guys fingers are on fire, the dudes hands melt strings.. Wayne and I nod at each other, you just know when it’s good. Then Cayle makes a call and few minutes later two model looking girls come in giggling, pack up his gear for him and take him away. I looked at Wayne we both just went, Yeah Brother number three.. I dont know why but everywhere Cayle goes girls just love him, he looks at a girl she buys him icecream, WTF

    Search for the perfect singer. Hanging out with bands asking who is the best female singer around, the name Kym Blaze kept popping up over and over. Finally tracked this girl down. She’s this soft spoken innocent girlly, kinda walks bouncing around on her tip toes. I looked at Wayne and Brett we all just saw the girl next door type walk in. Then she put that mic up to her lips and let it rip, and man did she work it. We’re all playing I look over at her and she’s smilling, and the way she sings— it’s erotic !!!

  68. truelove the culprit Says:

    True Love The Culprit
    truelove the culprit consists of Kyle Truelove. music from the heart, set to acoustic melodies and powerful lyrics. Truelove the culprit is indie music in its most honest form.

    coming from a small town in southern Ontario i was surrounded by music my whole life. my mom Cathy Truelove is a singer song writer who brought me to every gig and festival she played since i was very young, giving me the drive and desire to write and play. i taught my self how to play many instruments from wind to string to percussion and have been in many genres of bands from country to screamo to bluegrass. i write honest music that everyone relates to, my sound comes from my heart and not my vocal cords i play to share my stories and connect with the audience. influenced at a young age by musicians such as, Patsy Cline, John Denver, Alanna Miles my taste developed in to performers such as Conar Oberst, M.Ward, Andy Hull, Kevin Devine, Joel Plaskett, and this collage of influences comes threw in the way i write, play and carry myself as a musician. whats sets me apart from other musicians is that i do it with passion for the need to play and tour and connect with my fans on a emotional level.

  69. Fal of Empires Says:

    Hello there!

    We’re a totally unique new band called Fall of Empires


    Kind of a mix between Enter Shikari and Bring me the Horizon

    We’d love for anyone to check us out and spread the word!





  70. Jumpin Jack Benny Says:

    Here’s a cool promo DVD with all the great fantasic energy shots of THE JUMPIN JACK BENNY BLUES BAND with the crowd going nuts! Save Booking info on your phone. Pass the word. Book a show. Brought to you by JAMMIN CLASSICS PRODUCTIONS. Their debut CD “I’ll Be Alright ” got rave reviews this past quarter and did well on the blues charts. Special Thanks to FRANK ROSZAK PROMOTIONS!

  71. The J.O.B. Says:

    Original Modern Rock

    The J.O.B. (The Jim O’Ferrell Band)

  72. Toxic Says:

    Experiment toxic presents his first album, you can listen in




  73. The Sage Mathias Says:

    Jazz/funk quartet that will melt your face with our funkified bottom and make you want to have sex with our jazz melodies.

  74. Dog of the Moon Says:

    Singer/songwriter out of Arizona. Country Folk Rock Blues with an Outlaw Hippie Attitude!!! Check out for more info

  75. High Five Anxiety Says:

    High Five Anxiety (formerly known as Slaughter on Pennsylvania Avenue, or simply Slaughter) is an American Punk Rock band from Minneapolis, Minnesota. The band was formed in late 2008 by Miles Halverson and Tim Abel. The bands current lineup consists of Miles Halverson (Vocals/Guitar) and Connor Slawson (Bass/Vocals), and Evan Floyd (Drums). They released their raw debut EP “Later..” in August, and are currently working on their follow up album.

  76. Daddie Long Legs Says:

    Out of northern Rhode Island

    2 guitars bass drums and sometimes keys 2 vocalists

    We LOVE to play!!!

  77. Bigfoot Says:

    Bigfoot is determined to change the face of music. With an aggressive, sludgy sound, Bigfoot will be heard, Bigfoot will be seen.

  78. The Shroud of Gaia Says:

    The Shroud of Gaia
    The Shroud of Gaia is a progressive music experience from Southern, Ontario, Canada. The symphonic rock band formed in the summer of 2010, and their goal is to become the next progressive concept band from Canada!

    The Shroud of Gaia tells a story of a legendary universe, a realm of parallel existences, two dimensions destined to consume one another in bloody conflict. It is time to prepare for the pursuit of a fragile parallel…


  79. The Avayou Says:

    Hey there!

    We are THE AVAYOU, a four piece from Austria, Europe.

    Current EP “SOUTHERN CHARME” – Free Download on our Facebook Info section!

    New album out this summer!


    Much Love from EUROPE.

  80. Oh! The Invisible Says:

    Post Hardcore from California! Clean vocals and screaming paired over melodic guitars and high energy drumming. For fans of We Came As Romans, Woe Is Me, The Devil Wears Prada, Emarosa.

    Thanks! \m/

  81. Here Comes The Cavalry Says:

    6 piece Metal-core/post-hardcore band from New Haven Ct. Debut Ep “All The Signs Point Home,” to be released in April.

  82. Nekrotrip Says:

    Hey! Check out our newest promo release! (Free Music, Videos, Full Bio, Merch, Fan Club, Hotline & more!)

  83. Dharmata Says:

    DHARMATA is vocalist Jay Slim, guitarists Chris Turbo and Matt Nasty, bassist Kevin Sanchez, and drummer JC Lackey. DHARMATA formed in the summer of 2007, in West Palm Beach, Florida, after a chance meeting between vocalist Slim and bassist Sanchez.

    Since its inception, DHARMATA has quickly created a large, loyal, and growing fan base in the Florida music scene, garnering buzz for their ability to combine polished song craftsmanship with captivating high-energy live performances.

    A dynamic sound captures the collective best of each member’s influences, a wide-ranging spectrum that includes everything from Pantera to Jeff Buckley. In their brief existence, DHARMATA has already shared stages with artists such as 10 Years, Skindred, Sick Puppies, and Nonpoint, and has been invited to participate in large music festivals such as SunFest, MoonFest, Crue Fest, and Buzz Bake Sale.

  84. Rob Wild Says:

    I am promoting my solo page. I play clean stuff, some dirty stuff and some covers. I am a guitarist and I sing. I post vids quite often and am trying to create a fanbase.
    Also ‘like’ my fb page Thanks :)

  85. "Kiss Me!" Says:

    Sydney Pop Punk Band! Check it out please :3 xx.

  86. The Black Sleep Says:

    Great site here thanks for the tips! The Black Sleep is a 4 piece band. That plays cow-punk-noir. Check it out.

  87. The Shroud of Gaia Says:

    The Shroud of Gaia is a progressive symphonic metal band from Southern Ontario, Canada. The band formed in the summer of 2010, and the trio of core members have set themselves to become the next progressive concept band from Canada!

    The Shroud of Gaia tells a story of a legendary universe, a realm of parallel existences, two dimensions destined to consume one another in bloody conflict. Follow the journey of a man as he searches for a fabled gateway and struggles to reunite with the one he loves. This is a tale filled with romance, deception, violence, and mystery. Every chapter delving deeper into an adventure where nothing is impossible. It is time to prepare for the pursuit of a fragile parallel…


    Lyndon Barnard – Guitars
    Kenny King – Bass
    Patrick Murphy – Keys

    We are releasing our first EP this Spring! This will be the update to the demo tracks we have already released.


  88. 2Tallin' Says:

    Started by Travis Huff aka 2Tallin’, after discovering his passion for producing and performing funky dance music. The music is produced by up-and-coming music producer PJW, and features clean lyrics for all ages, giving fans music that pumps them up with positive vibes.

  89. Anathema Says:

    We’re Anathema from West Palm Beach, FL.
    We play post-hardcore in the vein of Touche Amore, Converge, and Dead Swans.

    You can pick up our demo for FREE at and like us on facebook at

  90. Changing Skins Says:

    Changing Skins is a romanian band that was founded 2011 and shows to the public a new musical stye named by the critics POP’N’ROLL, a sweet combination between alternative-rock , electro-pop and indie.

    The band had success from the beginning at the radio posts,and played at the Global Battle Of Bands ( Romanian selection )took the place 5 from 50 bands.

    This is were you can find us and hear our music

    Enjoy !!!

  91. Dunes Of Rajasthan Says:

    DUNES OF RAJASTHAN is a multi genre band with a twist, considering they play all genres like Classical, Semi – Classical, Classical Fusion, rock, pop, Sufi, Sufi rock etc… with an unparalleled mass appeal and is widely considered as one of the most enthusiastic bands in the subcontinent.

    DUNES OF RAJASTHAN keeps the idea of Musical Freedom giving an appropriate name to their band simplifies the meaning of Freedom of Music and wants to spread the “Rhythmic Freedom” worldwide through our music.

    DUNES OF RAJASTHAN pioneered the genres known as Classical, Semi – Classical, Classical Fusion, Rock, Pop, Sufi, Sufi Rock etc…launched a whole new style of music.

    The band is one of the most commercially successful and influential music groups in India.

    DUNES OF RAJASTHAN has played live concerts across the country and planning for a global tour, and is known to be the most prolific live act from India. Besides that, we are also planning to make a start in the Bollywood circuit soon


  92. We Found Nemo Says:

    Guitar-driven pop-punk/indie band from the north of England.

    Currently in the studio, so trying to get some publicity! Just drop us a line on facebook and we’ll check out and promote your band page too!

  93. dj intricate&donkarlo Says:

    plz download our new single

  94. Samantha Schindler Says:


  95. 2Tallin' Says:

    2TALLIN’ was started by Travis Huff aka 2Tallin (6’8) after discovering his passion for producing and performing funky dance music. All of the music produced by 2Tallin, is collaborative with PJW the next big hip hop producer!

    Why 2TALLIN? The name was developed from my unmistakable height. People always are saying you’re so tall, or how tall are you? Therefore we wanted to capture our most recognizable asset.

    “Off Beat” was our 2nd song ever produced and has become the anthem of our music. We produce music with clean lyrics for all ages. Our motivation is to give our fans music that pumps them up with positive vibes, and a funky good time.

  96. Late Landing Says:

    Nicky “Piece” Pirie – Drums
    Ben “Jamin” Moore – Vocals/Guitar
    Paul “Sally” Pirie – Slappin Da Bass
    Kevin Anderson – Guitar

    Late Landing are a hard rock band who play LOUD, HARD and get all up in your grill with exciting original material!

    Late Landing have/and will play anywhere! …from your local boozer to a chicken shed to the Tunnels to your house warming! “We don’t care, we just love to play our music”.

    They recently travelled to Wales to record their first full length album at Mwnci Studio’s. They are expecting to have the album ready for release early 2012 so keep you eyes peeled!

    Until then you can listen to the band at their intense live shows or check them out on and if you like what you hear you can buy their EP-A View From Inside on itunes now!

  97. The RocketCocks Says:

    A gutter-punk band hailing from Portland, Oregon. We’re fast, fun, and like to poke fun at everything, political or not. Currently looking for a drummer. Check out our page sometime and give us some love. Not much content up now but working on more demos every day.

  98. Evil Eye Gypsy Says:

    Evil Eye Gypsy
    Evil Eye Gypsy is a psychedelic rock band from Dayton, Ohio. Our sound is heavily influenced by Mazzy Star and the Cowboy Junkies. Check out our music at and receive free downloads.

  99. Voodoo Highway Says:

    New York based Blues-Rock Power Trio, Voodoo Highway, been annoying blues “purists” since 1988.
    Our brand of “Blues-Rock” has been known to be a little too ‘heavy’ for some blues fans, but don’t worry… we can play some swampy, delta blues as well.
    Imagine ZZ Top, Free, Jimi Hendrix, Rory Gallagher, Tommy Bolin, Led Zeppelin, Grand Funk, Freddie King, Gary Moore, Pat Travers and Son House at a Sevendust concert, and you’ll get the idea…
    We have opened shows for Rik Emmett (Triumph), Sick Speed, Fozzy (featuring Chris Jericho & members of Stuck Mojo), and most recently, Kenny Wayne Shepherd.
    Some of the other great musicians that our members have had the chance to jam with, or play gigs with are: Joe Bonamassa, Randy Rhoads, Billy Sheehan (Talas, David Lee Roth, Mr. Big), The Misfits, Benny Mardones, James Murphy (Death, Obituary), Jeff Watson (Night Ranger) Eddie Money and Duane Eddy.
    We have also had some amazing drummers occupy the drum throne for us, including members of Great White, Anthrax and Raven.
    We are currently recording 2 new cds, and booking dates for our 2012 tour.

  100. SYNYRGY Says:

    Synyrgy is a 3 piece power trio combing the garage rock attitude with grungy riffs, grittier 1000 grit sand paper ready to rip your faces off. Check out our facebook page. We’ve got an upcoming EP release scheduled for February 2012!

  101. Predicting The Past Says:

    And after 3 months we are still together and rocking out. We are a Metalcore/Hardcore band from Sarnia, Ontario. We play music simply for the love of music. We try to have a fun and energtic stage preformance so that our shows are fun to go to for you fans becasue after all, we love each and every fan.

    We have gone through a few member changes in our bands lifetime, but we do not look back on the past, only to the future whats to come. We thanks all previous members who have helped us get to where we are today.

    Current Location
    Sarnia, Ontario

  102. Dice Says:

    I represent the Independent Music/Production Label : Deeper Entertainment.

  103. Rule #9 Says:

    Rule #9 is a Pop-punk, Easy-core, Rock band from Charleston, SC that likes to blur the lines of the rock scene. Playing together since 2006 Rule #9 has created a unique sound that combines in your face pop-punk with harmonic solos and hardcore breakdowns. Rule #9 brings their music to the masses with performances full of passion and a unique sound that will leave a lasting impression on the rock scene. In November 2011 Rule #9 released their first EP, “Just The Tip…” with Subliminal Sound Studios in Goose Creek, SC.

  104. Children Of October Says:

    Like us on Facebook!
    Horror Punk at its best

  105. Ghosts and Paper Hearts Says:

    We are a punk/alt band from Columbus, OH dedicated to ALL THINGS PARANORMAL.

    WE have been called:

    Paranormal Punk Rock
    Ghost Rock
    Ghost Core

    Check us out!!! Thank you!!

  106. Heartbeat Radio Says:

    We play Punk/Indie rock

    We are from Miami, Florida

    Alex – Lead vocals/Guitar
    Gilbert – Lead Guitar
    Jose – Bass
    Ryan – Drums

  107. SevenStare Says:

    We are an Instrumental Experimental Rock band from West Virginia. We currently have our first album available for download.

  108. Tropic of Tantra Says:

    Yo! We’re a mainly instrumental rock band and have an EP called “islands” out and its free to listen and download on our page!

  109. Dethcentrik Says:

  110. Furious Says:

    Furious Band
    Ruthless, gritty and hellbent Rock n’ Roll!!! This trio hail from the streets of Liverpool (England) and are being tipped as the UK’s break-out band of the year! With a relentless touring schedule, FURIOUS have been cemented as one of the hardest working & wildest live acts around. Their appeal crosses so many borders and with their self penned songs about teenage life today, they are turning Britain’s kids onto a wild Rock n’ Roll beat.

    They have played countless gigs abroad, all over Europe and following two successful tours of Russia, it looks like Furious are set to take America by storm! The critics are already comparing it to the arrival of The Beatles, so prepare yourself, this ain’t for the faint hearted! This is the real roots of Rock n’ Roll! …Long may they ROCK!!!

    Come and join us:

  111. Distant Shores Says:

    Metal band from Channel Islands, Guernsey. Very Trivium inspired, and writing original material. 3 demos, 1 with vocals.

  112. Jealous Creatures Says:

    Okay…let’s give this a shot.

    Jealous Creatures is a rock band based in Houston, TX. We sound like a mash-up of PJ Harvey, Frank Black, and Queens of the Stone Age.

    Check out the tracks off our new album here!

    This website is awesome! So glad to have found it!

  113. Christine Rage Says:

    Christine Rage is a singer, songwriter, DJ and Producer in San Diego, CA. Her website showcases her music, music videos, live performances, contests and other exciting media and entertainment. She blogs on band website design, music production techniques, and overall music performance issues and topics.

  114. Team Of Rivals Says:

    Team of Rivals

    Hey! Very cool and useful website!

    **BPM says: Thank you and welcome!!**

    We’re Team Of Rivals, a NYC indie rock band consisting of two Israelis and one American. The band formed in January 2011 and since have played all over NYC. We released our first demo in may and you can download it on itunes

    Rock on!!!
    Team Of Rivals

  115. No Johns Says:

    A four piece brooklyn swagrock band that has been known to scare tenants away.

    Musically they’re the sonic equivalent of a strobe light in an empty warehouse, check out their debut EP “Maggie” when it drops in September to find out.

  116. Just Standing Says:

    Just Standing has been standing around for a year or so waiting for you to hook them up with a show!

    Metal/Alternative/Hard Rock

    We don’t limit ourselves to a single genre of music. If we make something and it sounds good. We’ll play it! Official page at:!/pages/Just-Standing/185036748178668

  117. The Nortons Says:

    We are a Britpop Punk band from Birmingham, England. Like, sort of, Indie-pop, but louder. And not crap. We write songs about ordinary life, politics, comfort eating and, in “Pingu’s Got An ASBO”, Pingu. Getting an ASBO. ASBO= Anti-Social Behaviour Order. It’s like a British thing that criminals get.

  118. Sky Anvil Says:

    Electro/House/Dance from SWEDEN

  119. Al Collins Says:

    My music is quite varied, but mostly rock based, you will find my album, Journey Of A lifetime, on my website at the moment, and i am presently writing, and recording my new album, Raging Planet.



    Psychollywood is a polish rock group, based in Tricity, Gdynia.
    Psychollywood defines itself as a high-energie rock’n’roll, heavily influenced and inspired by hard music of the 80’s & 90’s, but at the same time they try to hold the balance between what rock’n’roll would sound like and their own sonic identity…
    Check PSYCHOLLYWOOD’s new album at

  121. AThousandTimesGoodnight Says:

    Hey everyone! A small group, from a small town, but dreamin’ big!
    Hi this is Ally speaking here and I just wanted to say, you like alternative? Something to bring your mood up, catchy beats no matter what type of song it is? The type of music that you can relate to?(I hope!) Then come on by and give AThousandTimesGoodnight a listen! If they reach 250 likes another song will be released! The more likes, the more songs then an EP will be released ASAP! C’mon a small band of two, and it is pretty catchy, give us a shot? It’d really mean alot, I love you for reading this!!

  122. MAJESTIC Says:

    Majestic Band
    Majestic is an homage to black metal band which was established on May 5. comes from the town of Bukittinggi, West Sumatra province, Indonesian.member 5 people with different characters
    We tried to make the distinction of being an inspiration and initiative.
    majestic on facebook

  123. Failing to Fly Says:

    We are a rock band with talent and gusto. We have played for 4 years as a christian band and realized you can’t go anywhere with it or get paid. So we have changed our set list but not our style. We rock it out and have played for Fiddlesticks, Castle N Coaters, Maricopa county Fair and lots of bars. If you are interested you can find us on facebook, website or myspace. We recently changed out name to Failing to Fly. Have a great practice space and good equipment. We practice 2 times a week

  124. Faire du Surf Says:


    Modern day Mods with a little hint of Rockers, Faire du Surf started in Vancouver, WA in 2010. After their song “Lit Up” became the #1 Most Downloaded Song on with over 45,000 downloads in August, 2010, the band released their first EP “Turn to Dust” in September.
    Recently described as the “forefront of the surf revival scene”

  125. Tribal Theory Says:

    Formed in 2005, TRIBAL THEORY is made up of San Diego Natives with strong Pacific Island roots. They continue to innovate the sound of Reggae Music. With their original Lyrics, mutli-singers, and upbeat acoustics that are fused with ukulele and island style rap solos; Tribal Theory is making their statement clear that they are creating a music genre of their own.

    “Feel the vibe, Get down with the Tribe..TRIBAL THEORY!”

    Tribal Theory CD available on iTunes &
    Tribal Theory

  126. Hammerhead Says:

    Pro-standard UK based classic rock/metal band. Radio one Rock Show and Peel Sessions heritage, from large festivals, big name support to biker rallies and venue pubs.

    Check out our sound on our website.

  127. Freedom of Choice Says:

    Born on the Street’s of Guelph, Ontario. This Freedom of Choice believes music should be as interactive and personal for the “audience” as it is for the “band” itself

  128. Lunatic Says:

  129. Cat On The Moon Records Says:

    Psychedelic, Experimental and Avant Garde Music Label.

  130. Seldon Says:

    For fans of As I Lay Dying, Killswitch Engage, Parkway Drive & Broadcast The Nightmare. Check out Seldon from the midwest of the USA. Heavy, and purpose driven metal.

  131. 4manmachine Says:

    Here is the first cyberpunk band! High tech undertones with crushing guitars and screaming vocals. Get ready for INTENSE MUSIC!

  132. Al Collins Says:

    I am a singer songwriter with my own recording studio i have been trying to get a band together to go on the road to promote my latest album Journey Of A Lifetime

  133. Muskie Says:

    Muskie Profile

    Muskie are a three piece original band from mid Glamorgan south Wales.
    The band formed in 2010 and have since received lots of interest from various parts of the music industry including an invitation to play London’s B.M.I
    A three year Publishing deal with London publishing company Yell Music L.T.D. Their songs although unreleased have been aired on radio stations both locally and globally Including air play on Sirius Radio.

    The Band Line up

    Neil Lewis Fisher Guitar & Vocals

    Owain Prior Bass Guitar

    Ashley Turner Drums

    Muskie are currently Recording their first album, The Electric Valley Box

    please go to web-sites for further details and follow link for writers and artist, or go to

  134. Allen Polley Says:

    I am a solo artist from Portland, Or now living in Mississippi (don’t as will give you a headache, trust me).

    I have been making music for about 4 or 5 years now but been learning piano and music theory for little over 2 years now.

    My music style is kinda a twist between Pink Floyd, Tangerine Dream, Ray Lynch, Jean Michael Jarre and Isao Tomita.

    Hope the world is ready for something really out there! lol

  135. We Are Forever Says:

    —We Are Forever—

    Pop/Punk/Rock/Alternative/Screamo/Hardcore/Electro Band from Indianapolis,Indiana 2 guitarist,1 bass, drums, and two vocalist performing Punk/Rock in drop B,C,Db,D,ect….WONT SAY WE’RE UNIQUE.

  136. Within our Gates Says:

    Metal from Harrisonburg VA! Within our Gates has made a huge impression on their local scene and are rapidly growing. With thrashy riffs, brutal vocals, all original, well written solos and song structures, it’s easy to see why this band is doing so well for only being around for 2 years. Please check them out and give them some love! They love talking to fans so ‘like’ them, listen to music, and drop them a line!

  137. Audio Syndicate Says:

    Portland cover band Audio Syndicate plays the best Indie rock covers from the 80’s, 90’s and today. Awesome guitar driven rock.

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