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Indie Music Blogs

Behold!  A list of the top indie music blogs on the web. Getting picked up by one of these sites can make all the difference in your band promo efforts. You’ll face lots of competition for the biggest blogs, so be sure to hit up both the popular and lesser known ones to improve your chances of stardom!

An easy way to find more blogs is to check out the links on each individual blog’s home page. They’ll usually have a section called “blogroll”, “our friends” or “suggested music blogs”.

Heather, owner of the popular Fuel/Friends blog contributed a great article to ASCAP about how to submit music to blogs. Very useful information, so read it!

The Hype Machine:
A huge directory of music blogs for you to search and contact. Use the handy search function to find blogs that promote your kind of music, then contact each blog individually and ask them to give you the exposure you crave!

Same idea as The Hype Machine — huge directory of blogs to search and get in touch with.

Large and influential blog, Indy music leanings.

I Guess I’m Floating:
Another biggie. Music of all genres, and they post lots of free mp3’s.

Gorilla vs. Bear:
“A Texas-based music blog. Once called “the New Yorker of hipster blogs,” we blog about relevant artists of the day, with no particular genre-specific focus. Newsweek thinks we’re “influential.”

You Ain’t No Picasso:
Large music blog started by a music nerd from Kentucky. Music of all shapes and sizes, free mp3’s.

Brooklyn Vegan:
“A NYC-centric mostly-music blog that focuses on reporting international music news, live show reviews, pictures, tour dates, gossip, tips, MP3’s, videos, and just about anything else a music fan could want.”

My Old Kentucky Blog:
Videos and mp3’s of all kinds of new music.

Aquairium Drunkard:
“An eclectic audio blog featuring daily music news, interviews, features, reviews, mp3 samples and sessions. Originating in 2005, the Drunkard bridges the gap between contemporary indie with vintage garage, psych, folk, country, New Orleans funk, r&b, soul and everything that falls in between.”

I Am Fuel You Are Friends:
Widely read and influential blog. Heather is cool and if she likes your stuff you’ll get an avalanche of new fans.

Pampelmoose: Co-founded by former Gang of Four bassist Dave Allen, Pampelmoose is “a music and MP3 web site covering the eclectic independent music scene. We stay clear of major labels and their artists to avoid having the Web Sheriff gallop through our offices. We are indie at heart so we support all things indie – in all its shapes and forms.”  From right here in Portland, OR too.

So Much Silence:
Cool blog with rock and hip-hop leanings. I like.

Soul Sides:
Soul, world music and more.

Digital Eargasm
House and party music.

Resident Advisor:
“With offices in London and Berlin and contributors spanning the globe, RA covers anything and everything that is electronic music-related.”

This list is just your starting point — new and influential sites are popping up all the time so get out there and discover yours!