Band promotion and online music marketing tips for every DIY band and musician

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Band Promotion Resources

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Here’s a list of band promotion and music marketing services I’ll be updating and adding to frequently.  Feel feel to contact us and suggest your favorite resource or tool and we’ll add it to the list.

Music Promotion and PR

Just announced: The Outlet Music and Effective Immediately PR have partnered with to offer 25 bands a free consultation with Music Industry Insider Geordie Gillespie. Details here.

Web Promotion Sites

Thrillcall Nucleus
A social media marketing tool that enables bands, venues, and live music promoters to quickly create events and publish content all from one place. Live event information gets distributed to 1M users in the Thrillcall network.  Share event information and immediately distribute content via multiple social networks, like Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace. helps you the independent artist sell and promote your own music. You can sell individual songs, albums or even have your fans, friends and family be able to instantly create ringtones for your original music. The next time your phone rings…have it be your song that is heard!
These guys are industry leaders in helping unsigned bands promote their own websites. Looking for new and effective ways to get your website noticed by fans, search engines and the music industry? Then visit UBP — they have pages of good advice for you.

Radio Promotion Sites

So you want to get airplay.  Before you do anything, read this helpful article from KEXP in Seattle.  There are dozens of  companies who will assist you in getting your CD into the hands of radio stations across the country.  Services usually cost several hundred dollars for distribution and more for distribution and follow-up.  If you’re paying for distribution only, be prepared to spend some serious time working the phones to get your songs on-air.

Here are a few places that offer radio promotion services.  Most will screen your release before agreeing to work with you, so make sure your product is well-recorded and professionally packaged before contacting them.

Planetary Group,
Team Clermont,
Nice Promotions,
Pirate! Promotion and Management,

Online Tools

Automatically creates videos from your images and music. I’ve tried the site and it works great.  Really easy to set up and you can select from one of dozens of themes for your video.  Also integrates easily with YouTube and other social networking sites.  Perfect if you need to make and share a video quickly.

Pro-tip: Animoto accepts music from Indie bands for use in their music library. Any time someone goes to create an Animoto video, your song could be available as the soundtrack. And they’ll credit your song in the video! Submit your music to Animoto.

Archive org:
Popular and free destination for hosting audio files for free download.

Powerful upload, download and distribution site for your music.  Free.

“Jamendo is the world’s #1 platform for free and legal music downloads. Available in seven languages, it offers the largest catalog of music under Creative Commons licenses. For artists, it’s an easy and efficient way to publish, share and promote their music, and also to make money, through ad revenue sharing and commercial partnerships.”

Mp3 Tunes:
2GB of storage for free.  Offers synching to personal mp3 players and the ability to sell music.

Free storage, playlist creation and sharing.

Awesome, free and powerful photo editing site.  Perfect for resizing and optimizing photos quickly.

A free photo editing tool that provides Photoshop-like functionality in a Flash interface. Very cool.